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a frat boy friend told me that most of his family likes hardcore music, so one night together at the house they had one person on vocals screaming, a drummer, and a guitarist - and they covered hardcore songs while the rest of the brothers moshed and set up walls of death w h a t

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If you google “Hispanic lesbians” literally the only thing you get is porn. This is so distressing and makes me upset for so many reasons.

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Frank Ocean | Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)

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Anonymous said: ill furk you for 24 secs. the best 24 secs sex of ur life

i’ve never been furked before but i will accept 24 seconds of it

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Anonymous said: Can you please post on tumblr and facebook when you are giving out condoms? I want one but I am too shy to get one

I will definitely make sure that all social networks know when I’ll be out there. I have a lot of things to do, so it may not be for a while, but it’ll definitely happen.

In the meantime, the Student Health Care Center on Fletcher has free male condoms, the Rainbow Room on the 4th floor of Peabody Hall has free male condoms as well as (though available much less often) female condoms and flavored lube, and the GatorWell locations (the Health Hut and stations in Springs and Jennings complexes) all should have free condoms (not sure if just male), lubricant, and dental dams.  

You can even order condoms from them in bulk, here.

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She ft. Frank Ocean - Tyler The Creator

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Are you ready for Rocky Horror tonight, because I am.

Are you ready for Rocky Horror tonight, because I am.

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A few months ago, I signed up online for the GACC, or Great American Condom Campaign, to be a safe-sex advocate for my college campus. A month or two later, they accepted me (I sort of kept it a secret from most people because things seemed up in the air) and was scheduled for a box of 500 free condoms to be sent to me with the intent of distribution and promotion of safe sex at UF. 

I’m not exactly sure what my method of distribution will be (I will very likely at least be tabling in Turlington plaza) just yet but yo - if you ever need protection - I got you.

I was really happy they sent me an unmarked box. Explaining a huge Trojan brand printed box would be a little embarrassing. Upon opening it, there was a note reminding me to distribute the fliers given to me (all of which have a $1 off coupon for any 10ct box of Trojan condoms, yay!)

There are five main kinds: Pure Ecstasy, Her Pleasure, Twisted, Fire&Ice, and Charged. I also got a box of 6 ultra-thins. 

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I went to a discussion tonight on queer porn, led by speaker and gay porn star Conner Habib - it was great and informative, but it was so weird to have met the porn star first and THEN watched him get off all over the internet.